Terms of case seminars for the period September to December 2015

Medical equipment PROPSYCHE Ltd. The Ministry of Health granted accreditation to the implementation of specialized education in the field of "Clinical Psychology" for the field of practical and theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical-practical part is organized through seminars, case studies, the first of which we now bring. The case seminars are open to psychologists in postgraduate training in clinical psychology and clinical psychologists who work in other health care facilities. The dates are listed here.

Psychoanalytically oriented evening group

Under the leadership of Dr.. Mabel Rodriguez, Ph.D. proceeds attendance semi-open on psychoanalytically oriented evening group, which is aimed at deepening understanding within interpersonal relationships.

The group is intended for people motivated to long-term therapeutic commitment and is not suitable for people who are treated with addiction, psychosis, bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder moderate to severe type.

Sessions are held once a week, on Tuesdays in the period from 18.30 to 20.00 in the premises PROPSYCHE Ltd.

Dynamic oriented group

In areas PROPSYCHE Ltd. occurs dynamically oriented group focusing on deepening understanding within interpersonal relationships.

Meetings are organized once a week, every Monday in the period from 19.00 am to 20.30 pm. Hosts: Štepanka Balšínková.