Online services

From the experience of working with our clients and in accordance with their requirements, which are based on time and labor constraints, we have created an online collaboration. This method provides a common touch interaction in the forms of our services such as psychological counseling and consultation. We are pleased that we can offer the online service.

Due to the nature of the services provided in the form online, you cannot expect a full-featured contact with the therapist, that is possible only in a personal meeting. For this reason, about the appropriateness of using online services is always decided by the therapist.

Our Skype name: Propsyche Propsyche

How online service works?

The online service is provided through Skype. It is therefore necessary that those interested in the utilization of this service had Skype installed on your device. Installation can be done here

What are our recommendations?

To use the online service, we strongly recommend a built-in web camera.

What is the procedure for using online services?

The online service is agreed upon and ordered through worker PROPSYCHE Ltd.

Payment for the service online is always performed before the agreed date of the meeting.

After payment service online makes people interested to Skype account PROPSYCHE Ltd. (Propsyche Propsyche)