Psycho-diagnostic examination

Psycho-diagnostic examination is indicated by a doctor, usually a psychiatrist, neurologist, general practitioner, or clinical psychologist. Psychodiagnostical examination helps to clarify and navigating the mental state of man, his abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and current mental state. Normally, this examination is carried out to the orientation in the process of treatment.

Examination takes place at two levels, based on an interview and psychodiagnostic using psycho-diagnostic testing methods, and / or scales. Clinical psychologist method chosen by the aims and objectives set examinations. The examination is desirable to bring the previous report psychological examination and report referring physician. If needed reading glasses, auditory aids, and so on. When sent to investigate a minor, the first contact comes with a legal representative of the party requires the written consent to the examination.


Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is short and unsystematic therapeutic interventions that may, or may not, result in long-term psychotherapy. These are the solutions to current life situations through consultation, aiming to find an appropriate resolution procedure. It also includes obtaining information in the field. It is intended for those who for various reasons cannot attend to long-term psychotherapy, or they were recommended. Caring takes about three months or rule.

Consultancy in the field of IVF

Couples or single women undergoing therapy for pregnancy may be accompanied, even at short intervals, a series of positive and negative emotions such as hope and disappointment, frustration, sadness, stress, and in the case of long-term unsuccessful treatment, also a crisis of both personal and the partner and ultimately may lead to the so. reactive depression.

Our approach to work in this field is derived from current world trends and findings. It is based on an active interest in the psychosocial and mainly the emotional needs of our clients.

Support of this kind can generally be recommended to anyone who is currently experiencing psychological distress. Psychological discomfort symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways. Our clients may experience long-term, inter alia, sadness, lack of enjoyment of life, unexplained fatigue, anxiety or irritability, or even physical pain (headache, backache, joint pain, digestive problems). It is also often encounter conflicts with your partner, immediate family and close surroundings.

Professional counseling
Counseling for relatives and loved ones of patients


Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental health problems affecting the daily life of man. It is implemented by psychological means, mostly based on an interview. It is the work of a systematic and long-term, lasting at least 3 months. To ensure the success of psychotherapy are openness, trust and client's commitment to work with him.

Our center offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy in directions oriented Gestalt and Cognitive-behavioral or eclectic approach. Psychotherapist based on an interview decides whether psychotherapy is an appropriate means of cooperation, if yes, then choose the appropriate approach to treatment. If a person enters into therapy under 18 years of age, is required parental consent.

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a safe space for discovery, exploration and awareness of one's own behavior patterns, physical experiences and ideas. It is the process of meeting the person and therapist. It means there is a deeper awareness and contact with each other. The entire process contributes to finding their own possibilities to induce desired changes.

Paired psychotherapy
Group psychotherapy

Crisis intervention

Within Crisis intervention to meet with a client in a situation indicating the word crisis (from the Greek "Krina", later "krisis" - the decisive moment / time decision), in which there is a disturbance of mental equilibrium. Our job is to provide special short-term intervention to help restore the state to its original state. Crisis intervention also perceived as a form of strengthening the existing capabilities of our clients. Aid in the form of crisis intervention may be necessary, according to a mutual agreement between us and our client developed by the psychotherapeutic relationship.

Online services

From the experience of working with our clients and in accordance with their requirements, which are based on time and labour constraints, we have created an online collaboration. This method provides a common touch interaction in the forms of our services such as psychological counseling and consultation. We are pleased that we can offer the online service.

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Another services

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