Writing workshop or "How to write a complete article and psychoanalytic casuistry"

The seminar is designed as a closed group of 5-12 for practicing therapists / analysts who are planning (over a longer duration of time) to write an article with a psychoanalytic theme, or publish a case report. The seminar is designed for those who have lost their motivation or desire to write, or fear that their writing is too simple and unoriginal.

Seminars will be held in three sessions Saturday (9/20, 4/10 and 1/11/2014), with each encounter being within one of four time slots: 9: 00-12: 00 13: 00-14: 30 and 14: 45-16: 00th

The venue will be ProPsyche offices: Haštalská 760/27, Prague 1, 3rd Floor

With less than five participants in the seminar will be postponed.

An introductory block every Saturday will be devoted to the unconscious obstacles and psychodynamic writing, writing strategies and practical recommendations in these three blocks, then we will deal with articles intended / case reports of participants. The aim is to equip participants with theoretical knowledge through case studies and colloquial job type (for example, how to use clinical material in relation to the theory of how to structure the article, how to formulate clear and focused reasoning, the originality of communication, ensuring patient confidentiality, quotes, etc.), but also to get inspiration for their own text, critical discussion of the topic and above all the courage and passion to finish your article.

Any interested please send me the rough sketch name or case studies / thesis topic / article three and four points telegraphic why the topic you interested. Please send to:


Binding application (or any questions) send along with an indicative topic of your work until 14 September 2014.